Our Process

Singletary Homemaker Companion Services, Inc. conducts a NO COST Needs Assessment. This includes our Care Professionals meeting with prospective clients and his/her family, to explain thoroughly all the key elements, features and benefits. In very little time, we're able to assess and understand your loved one's unique situation and recommend a custom plan for their particular needs. These assessments will help to determine the most compatible Caregiver according to the needs and wishes of each client. This gives us the opportunity to provide our client the best suited Caregiver based on their individualized needs.

From the moment you call SHCS, we begin considering you and your loved one's specific needs. On the initial call, we ask questions to form a basic needs assessment.

After the call, we will schedule a in-home visit with you and the family member who may ultimately benefit from our non-medical homemaker & companion services. This visit allows us to gather even more information, answer questions and let you understand how we can help.


With SHCS you will always know what services are being provided to your loved one. After our initial meeting, we develop a Custom Care Plan. This plan is tailored to your loved one's specific needs.

We make detailed recommendations of what kind of services we feel would be beneficial. We then arrange a follow-up meeting with you to go over the Custom Care Plan line by line and modify it as you see fit.

Once you approve the Custom Care Plan, we begin our search for the most appropriate caregiver to implement care. Our system of matching Caregivers to clients takes numerous factors into consideration: services needed, your loved one's interests and the personalities of both your loved one and the caregiver.

By looking at the whole situation, we're better able to provide your loved one with the best Caregiver possible. Of course, if there are ever any concerns about a specific Caregiver, we can search for and provide you a replacement.

Our Caregivers keep extensive notes about the care they provide and are available to review at any time. Our billing system also provides a detailed description of services and care, so you never receive an invoice that doesn't include a line-item cost of care.